First Time Home Buyer?

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In order to feel comfortable in the buying a new home, it is beneficial to know the process.


1. Initial Consultation

    •Assess your needs and wants
    •Review types of working relationships or agency agreements
    •Review financing options

2. Obtain Financing

    •Find a mortgage company to work with
    •Get pre-qualified or pre-approved before you start your home search so you know what you can afford
    •Complete loan application
    •Submit all docs necessary to process loan and get final loan approval

3. Start Home Search

    •View properties that meet you needs and wants with your REALTOR
    •Evaluate and compare top choices
    •Select the best home that fits your needs and wants

4. Make An Offer

    •Have your REALTOR review comparative sales to determine the offer price
    •Get a copy of your pre-qualification or pre-approval letter from your lender
    •Decide on terms of contract such as closing date and inclusions
    •Have earnest money deposit available

5. Negotiating with Seller

    •Your REALTOR will present your offer to the seller
    •Prepare for possible counter offer from seller and further negotiation of terms
    •Reach an agreement with seller and all contracts and addendums are executed with signatures from both parties

6. Completing the Settlement Process

    •All executed documents turned into the Title Company
    •Earnest money is deposited
    •Review all disclosures
    •Review preliminary title commitment
    •Arrange for homeowners insurance, inspectors, appraisal, survey (ILC), etc.
    •Final walk through of property
    •Have certified funds prepared in the amount of your down payment and closing costs
    •Attend closing- sign documents and loan is funded
    •Receive keys to your new home!
    •Recording of the title and final title insurance issued