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Buying a HUD home is a very different process than buying other types of homes. It is important to use a HUD registered real estate agent who is familiar with the HUD selling process to ensure a smooth transaction from contract to close. Feel free to browse through our HUD Homes page to learn more about HUD properties: resources, special programs, and where to find available HUD listings.

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1. What is a HUD home?

By definition a HUD home is a one to four unit single family residence acquired as a result of a foreclosure on a FHA insured mortgage. It is NOT low-end housing. Properties vary in price, size and condition. Most importantly, HUD homes are sold AS IS, with no warranties, guarantees or representations about the property. Therefore, a home inspection is highly recommended.

2. Who can buy a HUD home?

Anyone! Buyers will fall into one of 3 buyer types:

  1. Owner occupants: given priority during certain cycles
  2. Investors
  3. Government agencies and HUD approved non-profit organizations

3. What kind of special programs are available?

Good Neighbor Next Door (GNND): This program is designed to enhance urban communities by offering discounts to firefighters, EMTs, Police, and Teachers. GNND designated properties are located in Designated Revitalization areas and are offered during a lottery period of 5 days at 50% off the list price to qualified GNND buyers.

First Look or the Neighborhood Stabilization Program:  Participants in this program have the opportunity to purchase a home before the home becomes available to any other participant. (Participants in this program have the “First Look” at HUD homes.) Unlike the GNND and Non Profit programs, where interested participants can get information at a local level, HUD uses a  First Look contractor that provides services on a national scope. To be clear, participants in the First Look program are NOT individuals and a HUD-registered selling agent is NOT required. The best resource for information on this program is HUD’s website;

For more information on HUD’s special programs, visit 

4. How can I buy a HUD home?

HUD homes are sold via electronic bidding. It is the only way to buy a HUD property. A HUD registered agent must place the bid on the buyers’ behalf. Buyers can purchase a HUD home with various means of financing: conventional loans, FHA loans, 203K loans, VA loans (not all properties will qualify), and cash.

5. Where can I find available HUD listings?

We are a HUD local listing broker for Sage Acquisitions, the Asset Manager contracted to manage HUD properties in Colorado. Click here for our available HUD listings.

To search all available HUD properties, go to HUD’s listing site at